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Hell Yeah 2012 - Pop, Elettronica, Ambient


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Tempelhof nasce dall’unione di Luciano Ermondi e Paolo Mazzacani. Dopo il loro acclamato esordio discografico su Distraction Records, “We were not there for the beginning, we won’t be there for the end”, iniziano ad esporare territori musicali inediti in cui il suono ambient-shoegaze degli esordi incontra un’attitudine più marcatamente analogico-elettronica, i primi risultati la pubblicazione di YOU K, il primo di una serie di EP per Hell Yeah Rec.

Tempelhof are Italian’s Luciano Ermondi and Paolo Mazzacani, a very musical duo who have already released a much-respected full length on Distraction Records and several remixes. Now they debut with a four track EP on the ever-original Hell Yeah Recordings and continue to confound expectations with their pairing of electronica’s precision with shoe-gazes textures and plenty of real instrumentals.

Love -An Interpretation is the EP’s mournful opener. Sparse and alone, it trills with haunting guitar notes as the rueful vocal swims in seas of echo and reverb. Around the mid-way point a cosmic beat kicks in and carries the whole arrangement off into space with twitchy electronics and acid rumbles colouring the background.

Glorious Day opens with more thin, vulnerable keys and plenty of echo. The rubbery kick drums comes in immediately here as harmonic notes ring out and rise up toward the sky. It’s hurt but optimistic and invites you to get lost in its glistening, swirling synth clouds for five day-dream like minutes.

Titletrack You K comes over at more of a stoned, lurching dubstep tempo: the claps and kicks scuff up against each other as more watercolour synths wash around in the distance. It’s open and spacious yet really draws you in to its shimmering rhythm, rocking back and forth as a female voice hangs right in the centre.

Finally, Electrify Your Vacuum is the most experimental. Rough drums, twinkling synthesisers, dub techno chords and more all swirl round as if you’re underwater, slowing sinking to the bottom of an abyss.

Though made with electronics and analogue equipment, there’s a very organic, human feel to the sounds and emotions explored on this EP that make it a devastatingly involving and otherworldy listen.

As always design and art concept by Andrea Amaducci

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