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Teresa Mascianà is to release her new EP I Need You Now on 18th March on the label Long Tale
Recordings. I Need You Now has four sparkling and visceral songs, a mix of pop rock elevated by a
great energetic power and a powerful voice capable of touching the soul.
Teresa is an Italian singer/songwriter who was inspired by the sounds of the US west coast, rock and
indie music.
She has recently moved to England to immerse herself in the UK’s music scene and to
write and record her music. It is clear that British influences light up her songs in I NEED YOU NOW.
Her voice, energy and music have been invigorated by new experiences in the UK.
I Need You Now was recorded with arrangements by her band The Organ Donors (I Donatori di
Organo) who are Giovanni Brancati on bass and synth, Emiliano Laganà on drums, Marco Longo on electric guitar and Alessio “Lex” Mauro on rhythm guitar. Teresa worked on the EP as well as her next
album with the record producer Marco Migliari (Sigur Ros, Van Morrison, Joseph Arthur,Robert Plant
and many others). Out of their musical partnership comes this truly exciting work.
On her first two albums Don’t Love Me (2012) and Shine (2013), Teresa presented upbeat songs with a
positive, commercial indie sound and they received excellent reviews all over Europe.
The single Don’t Love Me was played on hundreds of radio stations from Milan to New York and was used on the sound tracks of the films Aspromonte directed by Hedy Krissane and The Wonders (Meraviglie) directed by Alice Rohrwacher, starring Monica Bellucci.
Teresa has tenacity and a strong dedication to her music that she injects into her art and live
performances. She connects with her audiences with gusto and intimacy in the same breath, and her
adventurous spirit shines brightly through her music and beautifully simple lyrics.


Teresa Mascianà - Vox
Giovanni Brancati - Bass and synth
Emiliano Laganà - Drum
Marco Longo - Electric guitar
Lex Mauro - Rhythm guitar


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