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Testo della canzone

(E.De Brouwer/S.Gebédi)
Foetus full of hate, hatred in his brain, Termination on his mind Destroying the inwards of his mother, eating his way out of the womb Final stage of bodily dismemberment, Giving birth to the ultimate in malevolence Unleashing all the Evil from the Netherworlds, to feast upon the flesh of every living soul Tearing out your lungs and feasting on your flesh, plugging out your eyes and penetrating your chest, Leaving you bleed to death all by yourself, continuing his search for victims to the death (SOLO: ERWIN) He is the brood of our violent society The incarnation of the Evil that lives in our minds All earthly abuses have led to his birth, The final stage of turning our world into Hellâ?¦.. (REPEAT 1sr VERSE)

Album che contiene Bodily Dismemberment

album Emerging From The Netherworlds - Thanatos
Emerging From The Netherworlds 2012 - Rock, Punk, Dark

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