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Band: The Absinth.

Recorded at The Lizard Lounge Pisa Italy

Producer/Engineer: Colin Pilkington

Dates: April - July 2012.

Part of a 6 track EP recorded here. I present this and the other 5 songs as part of my showcase for the studio and my skills and engineer/producer.


Christian The Lion - a moving story about a lion pup adopted by two London hairdressers in the 60 s. They kept the lion in their salon. It grew up and got too big!
They released it into the wild in Kenya. Years later the two guys travel to Kenya to meet Christian. He recognises them! Runs p n gives them both an big big hug and licks their faces. A clear example of high primates demonstrating memory , joy and an emotional range.
please visit: http://www.alioncalledchristian.com

Holiday We all need to get away from time to time!

On My Own This is a state w all find ourselves in and we must be good with it.

Sunday In Rome A romantic weekend that went a bit wrong

Sunshine Morning Yes it is. An uplifting and joyful song. I love it - especially the multi track choruses.

The recordings:

The band are simply blown away by the sound and the enjoyable process of recording at a high level. Together we have completed a superb work. The sonic detail is superb. The songs are strong and everybody involved is very happy indeed.
A special thank you goes out to the excellent Ollie Hammett at beat360 studios in New York for his mastering services.
The songs presented in this 6 track EP were live recorded through a Cranesong Spider Pre amp at 24 bit 88.2k resolution. We used Logic Series 9 as the mix platform and made abundant use of Waves, Lexicon, SSL, Blue Cat, Oxford plugins. We converted the digital back to analogue using Lynx Aurora and we monitored through Adam 10 actives, with back up from Sennheiser 650 headphones as well as various neutral listening environments like the car, the bathroom and I phone!
One secret to this excellent work is we took our time and worked no more than 3 sessions a week. This gave us all the space after each block of work to go away, listen and understand the progress made and the work still to be done. We set a high benchmark for performances. We also re amped the line signals from the orignal live recording back so we could benefit for the amp sound properly micked up as well as the line sound.
Gianni Cei s vocal came out very well indeed using the Peluso SE47 LE which models the Neuman 47. This gives a crystal clear fullness to the voice. We also used this mic on Marco s and Dario s guitar re amping work.
Alessandro s bass was re amped via an Ampeg cab using the AKG D112. Additional snarl was employed using JJP Waves signature pack.


released 22 September 2012
All songs by THE ABSINTH
Sound Engineer: Colin Pilkington
Recorded & Mixed @ "The Lizard Lounge Studios", PI, IT (www.lizardlounge.it)
Mastered by Ollie Hammett @ "Beat360 Studios", NY City, US


Album covert by Gianni Cei

VISIT: facebook.com/theabsinthexperience , facebook.com/mangiadischi, www.reverbnation.com/theabsinth


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