The Echo

The Echo

The Actions

2014 - Rock, Elettronica, Alternativo


The Echo is the brand new single from The Actions. The release includes original version (introduced and supported by Tom Robinson on BBC Radio 6 Music, Gary Crowley on BBC Radio London 94.9FM and Symon Raymonde on Amazing Radio) + 5 remixes spanning Dub, Tech and Ambient.

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released 08 December 2014 via Niteo Records

Music composed by Silty (Marta Argenio) and Mo Stellato
Lyrics written by Silty and Mo Stellato
Produced, mixed and engineered by Silty and Mo Stellato at Bohemien Studio (UK, Netherland, Italy)
Mastered by Pete Maher, London UK
Track N.2 produced by RGL
Track N.3 produced by Hokaze
Track N.4 and N.6 produced by 3dtorus (
Track N.5 produced by Dubtail

Artwork by MStar Design
Album cover photo by Stephan Telaar featuring actor Eugen Feihe

©The Actions
All Songs Copyright
All Rights Reserved

For further information contact:
tel. +44 (0)7438163670

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