album Bureaucratic Headache The Beautiful Bunker

The Beautiful Bunker Bureaucratic Headache

2014 - Psichedelia, Elettronica, Alternativo


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Descrizione a cura della band

Bureaucratic Headache

Since the beginning we realized that our backgrounds were completely different but our personal closeness and our common artistic interests led us to contaminate ourselves and, in doing so, heterogeneity has become one of our important features.
We like to include in our music elements such as a polyrhythm that is opposed to our stubborn rhythms, the atonality of melodic voices , vocal lines that are simple and essential in our sound flow. We are also used to the sampling of tapes and vocals extrapolated from various contexts. All our work has been done with a constant search for the sounds and the sound environments that we were going to create.
Bureaucratic Headache is a totally self-produced album: composed, arranged, played, recorded, mixed and mastered by The Beautiful Bunker. The aim of the album is to musically describe our autogenous training coming from an inside sound mixture showing the modern and stressed life of a consumer society. For this reason listening to the whole LP is important and more effective to the understanding of the message that is given.

Opening is a shock, an extra-body experience that makes us understand the distance from our basic needs, that painful but necessary moment representing our uneasiness, and that proves to be the first step to a turning point. Indu Cow is the moment in which after a long time you tune in to your body and your mind , recovering that sense of heaviness that binds you to the ground. Space Albert serves as a parable , a little story that shows the ability of human beings to take advantage of someone or something and then throw it away - that is what us men do with the emotions , energy and people. Bureaucratic Headache is the awareness of our uneasiness that now you can look in the face , it wants to show the impossibility to change through institutions or politics and the desire for change is shown in a process of inner awareness that brings out the individual from the endless row of which you do not see an end. Packratting is a strong criticism of the constant presence of advertising in every-day life : the implicit obligation to spend our life buying brands that are supposed to give us such emotions and which make us become compulsive consumers ; the overlap of the samples and of the notes is representative of the mechanical nature of today's reality where consumerism reigns supreme. Happy area : put your brain here is the result of years spent watching television , which has shaped us into lobotomized consumers eager for emotions. Buy is a reminder ,with the power of the drums, for us to wake up considering what is happening. Brainwash Magma is the determination that takes us to deal with the great fear of not having control of our own mind , the difficulty of not submitting ourselves to the brainwashing we are subjected to. Animal's Trouble is the ultimate rejection of the consumer system that is based on the control of the minds and emotions: it brings back the listener to those key actions that have always characterized the human being. Ending is the following epiphany which collects all the doubts and uncertainties coming before the new period of change with a greater self-awareness.


Mirko Brigo: voice, guitars, lali drum, tibetan bells, elettronics Nicola Sanguin: voice, guitars, elettronics
Luigi Fasolato: bass guitars, synth
Andrea Davì: drum set, percussion, voice, keyboard
Recorded by The Beautiful Bunker at Bunker Studio, Arquà Petrarca (PD), september 2012 through august 2013.
Mixed by The Beautiful Bunker
Mastered by The Beautiful Bunker
Artwork by Manuel Larrazabal Scano
All compositions by The Beautiful Bunker Produced by The Beautiful Bunker

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