The Blank Canvas - Obsession is My Passion testo lyric


You know when i wanna leave
You know where i'd like to be
You know my confines

You know that i wanna flee
You don't need eyes to see
You control my mind

You know that i'm gonna bleed
You know i wanna read
Your book full of lies

You know you're the pain in me
You know that i cannot speak
You rule my life

is my passion

Walk by my side
Become my bride
You are my life

You don't forsaken me
You won't forsaken me

I know that you live in me
I know that i make you be
I give you life


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La canzone Obsession is My Passion si trova nell'album Vantablack uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album Vantablack, di The Blank Canvas

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