The Death Of Robert - Fiction Love testo lyric


The little girl with a green cloth coat was going
to the house of the new tenants on Berst Ben Street
She was shy, she knew that the ball in her face was intentional
The trees that morning were moving, dancing as they had never done before

What? This feeling is new, but I like it
This is a fictional love

She has rung the bell, she is even more nervous
A thin lady greets her, invites her in
A blond girl with big gray eyes looks at me with a toothless smile. It's her!
The mud of the patio and the fun melts the skins of these two little ones, it's wonderful

What? This feeling is new, but I like it
I want it all my life
This is a fictional love, but the truth is that it is real


All songs written and composed by The Death of Robert Produced by Alberto Pérez Sánchez, with the help of Nick Blemon and Aleix Fors Laguna Recorded at Sol De Sants Studio, Barcelona, Spain Mixing: Alberto Pérez Sánchez Mastering: Mario Miguel García Alberni (Kadifornia Mastering) Vocals: Lara Giardina Guitar: Pablo Salvadores Fraga Bass: Robert Panadès Fuentes Drums: Alessandro Valerga Keyboard, Piano & Organs: Pablo Salvadores Fraga, Lara Giardina, Alberto Pérez Sánchez String Quartet: Brossa Quartet de Corda Strings Arrangement: Alberto Pérez Sánchez


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La canzone Fiction Love si trova nell'album Casablanca uscito nel 2020.

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