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Your eyes like a late star
While you walk in his room
Noise of a woman’s barefoot
Rain falls like dust

Under the night sky
(It) rest your paper moon
A storm in a coffee-cup
God is in silence

On and on
With a rope in my heart
I get dragged down
In the deepest ocean
Lonely and numb
The lights go out
And I drown into the time

Echoes of whispers
Surrounded in your bed
They come to steal your infancy
They tore your skin away
To stole you every bones
Now you dance like a ghost

We don’t have time to whisper
We don’t have time to pray

While you falling down
We’ll meet again
You fell so ruinously on my chest
You still do it so weightily
You left a light in on my ruins
You bite my nerves like a wolf
You leant out on my edge
I heard you cry
I’m ready to fall again
Under the night sky


Lyric by Luca Cadeddu Palmas The intermission between “Under The Night Sky” and “Genetic Smile” is taken from the tv series “True Detective”


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La canzone Under the night sky si trova nell'album Rise uscito nel 2016.

Copertina dell'album Rise, di The Defiance

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