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Here we are, arguing on
So don't deny, all our love is gone

Now I have enough of you, so

Who said that? Was it me or you?
But now I'm glad 'cos we're meeting soon

You're so sweet and I don't wanna lose you, D
We're so far but I'm still waiting for you


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Words by Roberto Grillo.
Music by Federico "Tich" Gava.

Performed by:
Roberto Grillo (Ego): vocals, drums, bass guitar.
Federico "Tich" Gava: electric piano, piano, synth.
Enrico Casarotto: electric guitars.


Arrangement by R. Grillo.
Recorded by R. Grillo, Federico "Tich" Gava and E. Casarotto.
Pre-mixed by R. Grillo.
Mixed and mastered by M. Bortolani at Sherpa Studios.
Cover design by Roberto Grillo.

Produced by Roberto Grillo.


La canzone Don't Wanna Lose You si trova nell'album Don't Wanna Lose You uscito nel 2021 per 1479727 Records DK.

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