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Credits Who'll Buy (The Girl Is Waiting)

Words and music by Roberto Grillo.
Copyright © 2019 The DusT - All rights reserved.



Roberto Grillo (Ego): vocals, background vocals, double bass/brass/toms (midi instruments).
Chiara Marcon: vocals.
Max Avrusci: acoustic & electric guitars.
Gianni Fantuz: drums.
Federico “Tich” Gava: piano.

Testo della canzone

Oh, what a pity not buyin' those shoes, they're so devine!
Oh, it would be pretty if you were kind...
Yeah - Sure it would be silly to leave 'em there, a thing so cruel!
They are really pretty, the shoes for you – Oh, yeah...

Hey, the girl is waiting - You gotta be cool...

(Hey, fool, what d'you think? The girl is waiting for you?)
Yes, I can wait
(Take your money, Bill, today you're gonna be cool)
Mmm... honey, money
(Hey, fool, what d'you think? The girl is waiting for you?)
Mmm... yes I'm waiting
(Save your money, Bill, one you're gonna be cool)

No, what are you saying? You have not to wait for it
You've just to wear them tonight! Yeah...

Who's goin' to pay?
Not me
You're sayin' I pay?
That's right!
No, you're the man and you buy!

No! No! No! No! No! No! Hey
You swine! Ok? / You get used to it
Oh, not this time / Sure, babe
I want you tell me lookin' into my eyes! / I won't be paying this time
Now you get back in line! / Oh... baby
Oh, well said / You're so delightin'
I wanna see you crawl! / Take my loving
I'm not sure he understood / But not my wallet, darling
Hey... No! No! No! No! No! No!...
Yeah... not me... you pay... this time Oooooh!
No! I'm goin' out of my mind... Oh...
What doesn't kill, fortifies
Who'll buy, bu-bu-bu-bu... buy

And still I'm waiting, yeah
Ooh, the girl is waitin'
Sure I'm still, I'm waiting
Those shoes, they struck me to my heart

Ooooh... What a fight, I'm still inside
It won't be over 'til she has decided
Oh... da-da-da-da...
Until she has decided...

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