The Shalalalas - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Blade of grass



Testo della canzone

Well, I would like to tell you what I think about you
'cause nothing seems to be the same when I'm without you
now every time I catch a star I'd like to give it to you
and every time I see a shade I hope it's you behind me

Well I would like to give you what you always ask me
and running through the forest trees standing astride you, oooh
now every time I'm on the street I watch the red cars
hoping it's you driving to take me to the seaside, oh yeah

I feel your grace upon my shoulders, darling
I feel a blade of grass upon my head
Sometimes it's just a honey pie
Sometimes it's just to say goodbye

Oooh, I'll take a shine to you
Oooh, I'll steal a smile from you
Oooh, I'll snatch a kiss from you
Oooh, gonna dance all night with you

Album che contiene Blade of grass

album The Fucking Shalalalas EP - The ShalalalasThe Fucking Shalalalas EP
2013 - Lo-Fi, Indie, Folk
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