The Shalalalas - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Jenny



Testo della canzone

Hey, I'm Jenny
and this is my cat
Hey, I'm Jenny
and thatís about that.

Together with the stars I'm gonna catch a lonely heart forever

Me and my granny
live in the same old house
Me and my granny
with the same small nose

Now that I found your heart I'll never let you go away again
I hope you like my cat and that you will not need to understand
So let's go and play with me and dance dance dance dance dance dance

Hey, I'm Jenny
and I tell the truth
Hey, I'm Jenny
now tell me.. who are you?

Album che contiene Jenny

album The Fucking Shalalalas EP - The ShalalalasThe Fucking Shalalalas EP
2013 - Lo-Fi, Indie, Folk

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