The Shalalalas - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Lying on a hill



Testo della canzone

Well, he was looking at the sky
it was a sunday afternoon
playing his guitar, lying on a hill
remembering the beauty of the life

The sunset came and all the clouds
were coloured as a rainbow
and he felt like he let them go
the memories, the worries of his mind

So he started to look out of his world
and showed the madness of his soul
then from his hands broke out the dawn
and from his heart a little song, that sounds so..
ta ta ta ra ta ra ra ta ra ta

A gentle wind swept by his head
and brought some secret promises
but no one knows what he really swore
that afternoon on the hill

A friend of mine who knew that man
told us he flew away
together with the promises
together with the dreaming breaths of the wind

Album che contiene Lying on a hill

album The Fucking Shalalalas EP - The ShalalalasThe Fucking Shalalalas EP
2013 - Lo-Fi, Indie, Folk
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