The Ghibertins - About Love & Cowardice testo lyric


Let me tell you about a story I know,
a story ‘bout a boy who never understood that,
once you fall in love those feelings slip from your hands like holy water

I think he met her in a coffee shop,
while hoping to be her empty mug just to brush up against her lips
He felt in love like when u fall asleep,
slowly but deeply.

Now he sees her walking on the street
Talking to someone new Yeah he’s too scared to cope
With what he used to hide
The ghost of you and me
Will haunt me in my dreams
He is not ready to love
He’s not ready to fight for the one he loved
He is not ready to love,
he’s such a coward I think he will let her go
He didn’t mind if she disappeared,
because he knew in his heart that she always wanted to be found
They lived for the moment, but that time has gone

From holding hands to broken glasses,
that’s how the story goes,
it’s hard to believe now, that it’s over
That’s the moral of the story
love hurts and I’m sorry


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La canzone About Love & Cowardice si trova nell'album Square The Circle uscito nel 2014.

Copertina dell'album Square The Circle, di The Ghibertins

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