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Out on JunoDownload Exclusive 21-04-2012 and Juno Review:
Italian producer Golden Toyz drops a venomous electro-tech banger in the shape of "In Your Houze", sporting some rattling distortion leads and some old-school trance bass gurgles over a 130bpm beat. More measured remixes come via Blusterbat & Wazzup's piano-led remix, as well as Byssus & Leandro's Latin mainroom makeover.


22-04-2012 "In Your Houze EP" at #1 Sales Chart Progressive House This Week on Juno Download:

24-04-2012 In Your HouZe EP #2 Bestseller ElectroHouse This week on JunoDownload:

25-04-2012: #1 Bestsellers electroHouse Tracks on JunoDownload:


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