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It's so strange, i know the thrill that goes on your back
don't point the finger,on the things that you don't need now,
and you run on your own, with no one that take on you care,
but, through the fields,through the snow,
i can see that you're trying to hide
just trying to hide.

There's so much danger,
betray the truth,or will the truth to betray
oh... the anger, i can feel it from one thousand miles,
and you scream of your sick soul,and of your brain's war,
try to look with my eyes,or you've afraid that you become blind
that you become blind...

we gotta change anything,
we gotta change....
we gotta change.
to change,to change,
we gotta change...
change your soul,
change your fault,
change your words...try to change anything.

Album che contiene Change Anything

album Tracce recuperate The Gold Tears
Tracce recuperate 2014 - Rock, New-Wave, Alternativo

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