The Greatfire of Rome is a power trio from Italy. The main aim of these nasty guys is to spread the underground attitude with fuzzy, groovy, catchy and of course loud music, in a word: Rock! Their sound fits perfectly in the middle between classics like Black Sabbath, Misfits, Motorhead and the newcomers Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters and Muse. The first single "Blindoom", taken from their first ep titled "A-sides" (released on 2010), introduced the band to the rock scene and permitted to them to play live in different clubs all across Italy and to have different interviews on radio with their single on heavy rotation. Line up features: Valerio Di Lella: on vocals and guitars, already founder of Grimness and member of Novembre; Camillo Alberini: drummer on different tribute bands such as Achd, Eurosmith and many others; Andrea Casali: on vocals and bass guitar, also member of the prog metal band Astra. So come taste the band at the following address: www.twittercom/greatfireofrome …and of course look for them on search engine of Facebook! Or contact them at: Spread the Noise!!!!!

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