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Empty house

In this empty house we'll find some rescue
from all the dangers that youth hides
In this forgotten place we ended up
we'll light our eyes watching these kids running wild

and sometimes it's hard to just stay awake
when you just walk all the day away
sometimes it's easy to see you crying
cos I can't even melt my heart tonight

well, the strongest winds might never even find you
as you're hiding your secrets in the sand
and as I'm sailing through the seas of desire
you're moving me with nothing but your hands

we can try to dry out all the water
and make a living out of nothing but plans
and if you're feeling all this weight on your shoulders
it's not late to start it over again

this empty house, these broken years
those crying laughters, those melting tears
my empty eyes, your hollow dreams
that I destroyed with all of my fears

Sometimes it's hard to just run away
when it's your heart begging for words and preys
and sometimes it's easy to leave them hiding
cos I can't even melt my heart tonight

Birds are singing, 4 a.m. in the morning
I can hear them through the ear that you lend
trying to sleep though we're not even tired
I believe that this might be the end

but you'll have memories to fill your days
as you're growing old by yourself
and you know that you can always find me
in the desert with all your secrets

my empty heart, my thoughtful lies
your hopeful darkness, these shining lights
if you'll find your shelter right after the storm
will you make room for us till the day we'll be gone?
will you make room for us till the day we'll be gone?

Album che contiene Empty House

album Like a Dancer The Heart and the Void
Like a Dancer 2013 - Indie, Folk, Acustico

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