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For the little while

I wish I was something you would never forget
but I just gotta tell you I'm like everybody else
you painted me white like a saint on the rise
but I stayed in my place
Every road led to nowhere, every field's left with no green
every wind told me something I would never want to hear
and there is darkness up above me
through these trees I feel this rain a-coming
I'm alone, I won't belong in any place you could call home

There's no halo behind my face and there's no air beneath my feet
I can feel your pain and if you cut me I can bleed
you listen to my words as you could not understand
but they didn't make sense
Every road led to nowhere, every eye could see the scene
every man and every woman, every plant and every tree
they could all see right inside me
through my eyes I see this rain a-falling
now you know, you can be sure
there ain't no place I can call home

But for the little while I'll be here I'd love to feel you near
for the little while I'll be here I've got to lend an ear
cos if you can believe you'll see the snow that starts to burn
for the little while you'd led me home

Album che contiene For The Little While

album Like a Dancer - The Heart and the Void
Like a Dancer 2013 - Indie, Folk, Acustico

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