Descrizione a cura della band

Selection 1 is the debut album of the chinese band The Honor produced by independent record label Beat Machine Records.
The Honor is one of the few bands that after having success in China succeeded in the difficult task of landing in Europe. Decisive factor is the unique and personal music style stands out from traditional chinese musical culture, masterfully mixing pop to rock and electro elements.
The album release date (September 10, 2012) is anticipated by the single "Single Party" available on all digital stores from June 11 and by "Meteora EP" (September 3) that include the title track in Chinese and English (Faith) version plus an extended version by AC PRODZ.
"Single Party" is a tribute to the life of singles making brave, independent and free. A real invitation to enjoy this status. Pop, electro and hip hop all integrated in a fresh and rhythmic sound of a single track.
"Meteora" originates from the italian word meteora or meteorite. The meteorite has a meaning of hope. The hope of looking to the future and everything around us with positivity during difficult times. "Meteora" has a very elegant sound made of rock and electronic elements.
"Selection 1" is a very innovative album, but at the same time able to keep typical pop elements that create a perfect mix between what may be called mainstream and what is not. An album that has brought The Honor to be defined as one of the most exciting emerging band of 2012 in the Chinese music scene, and has allowed them to tread the most important stages in China, in addition to appearances on Chinese national television: Bejing TV and CCT (China Central Television).


Composed by The Honor for Beat Machine Records


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