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released 08 December 2012
Recordered and engineered by Ronnie Amighetti and Fabrizio Finamore
at Diesel 24062,Costa Volpino, Italy,
and Kore-Studios, London, UK

Mixed by Ronnie Amighetti at Diesel 24062
Mastered by Mark Dowson at GoldDust Studios,London, UK
Producers Federico Pasinelli, Ronnie Amighetti and London Overdrive
Executive Producer Marco Novelli


Additional performers:

Ronnie Amighetti support vocals, drums in Collision, strato-vibrato in Satellite
Fabrizio Finamore drums in Satellite
Oliver Houchell harmonica in Satellite
Michele Colosio drums (for the exception of Satellite)
Elena Tironi piano in Sweet Poison Part II
Marco Novelli Theremin in Hero For One Day


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