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Now and then
An album which brings the audience to a land of sounds, beats and words combining together in various ways, recalling the Britpop atmosphere of the 90’s. The interesting thing is that the pieces give the idea of a natural flowing – voice & guitar arrangements are mixing to serve different means of expression. The central theme of the album should probably be life itself, with its ups and downs and those terrible feelings of loneliness and emptiness characterizing the contemporary world we live in. Versatile guitar lines, creating a distinctive sound with a dense structure, chord sequences and vocal harmonies varying from soft ballads (So blue) to effervescent guitar lines (She) and often changes of tempos build up a vivid album, supported by the lyrics of everyday life. The acoustic version of Now and then completes the scenery with vibes from the past (then), while the original approach is strongly connected to the present (now).
The guitarist, song writer and singer, Francesco de Totaro, makes use of strong melodic vocal lines in an impressive monologue on how our lives are rolling over. Changes of moods, bitter irony, glimpses of hope, shades of melancholy and a permanent hunger for something to rely on are only a few characteristics of his music.
(Angela Sindeli, musician)


The Orange Grapefruit:
Francesco de Totaro - Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals
Jack Castronovo - Drums
Hank McGowen - Bass

Art by Marijke Koger (

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