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Descrizione a cura della band

Recorded with Jorge Blengino at BTG (Born To Grill, Monte Renna, Siracusa) in March 2014
Additional recordings at Aldo’s Basement (Floridia) in July 2014 & November 2014
Mixed by Jorge Blengino and The PepiBand at Indigeno Studio (Ragusa) in January 2015
Mastered by Tommy Bianchi at White Sound Mastering (Scandicci)
Artwork by Stereodischi/Dueterzi Graphic design


Produced by Altipiani, Edwood Rec, Stereodischi, Pied De Biche (France), Arsonica and The PepiBand.
Distribuited by Audioglobe and Believe Digital

Buy Digital: thepepiband.believeband.com
Buy CD: www.audioglobe.it/disk.php?code=8016670118503


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