Descrizione a cura della band

The Sessions Voices debut album is a collection of songs with a social and political message taken from the American folk, blues, and gospel traditions, a tribute to the enormous and powerful Afro-American musical heritage and the Civil Rights Movement.


produced & arranged by The Sessions Voices with Emanuele Jorma Gasperi & Gianluca Palmieri
recorded and mixed by Primiano Di Biase @ "Tuscorock" (Grottaferrata, RM)
mastered by Daniele Sinigallia @ "I Piloti" (Rome)

The Sessions Voices are:
Daphne Nisi
Sara Sileo
Valentina Certelli
Teura Cenci
Laura Lala
Chiara Cortez
Vahimiti Cenci

guitars: Emanuele Jorma Gasperi
drums: Gianluca Palmieri


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