the Shak & Speares - Stay Foolish Stay Groupie testo lyric


You said:
“What do u do?”
I don’t
do what u want
I’m correct
no violence!
I’ve known
Where did u stand

You’ve known
Just how to blow
Some grace
Is what I want
Have this!
Only for u
It can
Color your blue

I dance
Wherever and in nowhere
Just to let u see the lights

I’m there
You know there are no crimes
everything will be alright

Oh damn!
Listen to me darling!
World is full of playful hands

But mine
I swear it to the moonlight
Could play without the fear of ends

And Shakkies let u come
Our window we will show
It seems u have no courage
Where is my proud and teasing girl?

And throw away your pants
‘cause we let u see your curves
and we will need no poet
to hide your ring and come back….

You’ll love to fly like a bird
There’s nothing like a real band
There’s nothing like a real band
To get there
To fly awaaaaaaay
Your mind is gonna lose its games
Where everything counted less
Where everything counted less
There is no trend,
just hear the bell


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il secondo singolo si intitola Stay Foolish Stay Groupie e anticipa l'album in uscita nel 2013 per la FreakHouse records & Happy/Mopy records


Missato da Ercole Longobardi (Polina, 24 Grana, Capone&Bungtbangt, Planet Funk, Nobraino, Bisca, Pennelli di Vermeer) e masterizzato da Francesco Fontanella.
Registrato pesso il Mono Studio da Mirko Iapicca e Matteo De Marinis.


La canzone Stay Foolish Stay Groupie si trova nell'album Stay Foolish Stay Groupie uscito nel 2011.

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