album Stalker - the shifty split

the shifty split Stalker

2009 - Sperimentale, Psichedelico, Indie

the shifty split

Descrizione a cura della band

Once upon a time, A Carrot and a Lime, Were living in the hill, In the peaceful still. The smoothness of the day, The sea, the little bay, The flushing of the waves, The mystery of a cave. Their love was full and sweet, They didn’t fear any threat. Time was passing on, A few seasons were gone, Living in a farm, Became a little warm, The Lime would dehydrate, And looking at her mate, “We need somewhere cool, You should dig me a pool”, And so the Carrot went, To give the Lime some strength. But beneath their sandy soil, They discovered the oil. “It’s black, dirty, and smelly, Disgusting like a jelly”, The Lime said “never mind, You shouldn’t be so blind. Although you’re not so clean, You shouldn’t be so mean. We’re going to be rich, And it’ll go with just some bleach”. “We don’t need all this wealth, We live with love and health” Cried the Carrot sad, But Lime was turning mad She said “listen to that, We will get out this fat”. But since they built the well, The hill turn into an hell, N…


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