Biografia The Sickle

Biografia The Sickle

Rock'n'roll, Pop punk, Punk rock 

Padova, Veneto

Punk 'n roll waves..californians? No sorry...we're just italians!

Hotter than a date between Ruby and Silvio Berlusconi and more sincere than Joseph Ratzinger in a boy’s school shower room - straight off the heartbreak streets of Padova comes Italy’s newest sensation The Sickle.
With a natural lyrical sensitivity that doesn’t come entirely from having been used as a dildo tester by Rocco Siffredi , this band has already taken rock and roll hot spots such as Denmark, Holland, Belgium and Germany by storm, or at least by drizzle. With its unique style, which sounds like a mixture of Oasis, the Beatles, the Goo Goo Dolls and seven grams of methamphetamines with a tequila chaser, The Sickle plays straight from the heart - and somehow doesn’t make you puke. In fact girls seem to like The Sickle quite a lot, so much that they tend to get moist between their legs - and not always from The Sickle being clumsy and spilling a drink on their laps.

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