album sha-whao - Using Bridge

Using Bridge


Videoradio 2004 - Rock'n'roll, Grunge, Garage



Descrizione a cura della band

This is a great selection of somewhat older sounding grunge/indie! The production is well polished, best I've heard in a looooong time! This is good ol' fashioned ass-kickin' rock, without all the Van Halenesque hoots howls etc...
You may find it good music until you hit "Sun Eats Shadows" and think it's going to go to ballad time - wrong! Slicks into a semi-boogie beat and back to good licks again with "Serial Killer!" Don't read my ramblings, just download this gem! You won't be disappointed!


Hell yeah.. Good old fashioned, kiss ass, rocknroll, with a touch of indie, grudge rolled into the mix. That is clean, fresh and non pretentious, just good old stuff. That keep the flavour and style like I like the most.. Just decent, wholesome, electric wonderful atmospheric,driven, enthusiastic,good time music and great strong, bewitching vocals and good lyrics. To keep your attention span in checking from start till end of this dynamite album. Simply press play, download and save to favourites.

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