The Vickers I Think I'll Kill Myself Today Ascolta e Testo Lyrics



Testo della canzone

The sky seems black
But I’m not sure
Though a good reason to be sad
I’m wasting time
I’m doing fine
Is this not a crime?
I can’t believe
How many ways
There are to kill myself today
Keeping a knife with a sharp blade
Or a good cord, remember the rafter
I think I’ll kill myself today
Such great heights are very very nice
Jump and wait for the land, that’s the best
And people will see me fly today
Drinking three bottles of tequila
What about a special overdose
I wonder how I’ll die today
Is so complicated
I could make it easier

Album che contiene I Think I'll Kill Myself Today

album Sofa Sessions EP - The Vickers
Sofa Sessions EP 2010 - Indie, Folk, Acustico Foolica Records

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