The Vickers - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics I'll Wait



Testo della canzone

Three months and nothing new
Just the same fucking shit
Like the sun on a rainy day
I can only wait that things
Start going right
Some rotten words that’s all you left
I’d better write them on a big white wall
Cause I don’t want to forget
I don’t want to forget
I’ll wait
I’ll wait until I’ll break down
I’ll wait my turn
Till pain will fill my veins
I’ll wait
I’ll wait
I’ll wait for your clever answers
For your clear explanations
Cause I need to know
What was going on
When you lied I will find
Then I’ll free my mind

Album che contiene I'll Wait

album Keep Clear - The VickersKeep Clear
2009 - Rock, Pop, Indie Foolica Records, Halidon

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