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Testo della canzone

It’s all really mad
We’re waiting for the end
The sky doesn’t seem so good
I could find a job, a really nice job
But something escapes me
All my friends are glad dead man walking
And my sedate words are distorted
Yes, it’s all really mad
Turning off the light
Can be a suicide
If you don’t know what you’re searching for
Turning off your mind
Can be a suicide
If you don’t have a place in paradise
It doesn’t cost so much, oh come on
It’s a good way to not fall
It’s a good way to reborn
Well, can I want something more?
Well I remember
The games in december
So long my friends, we’re waiting for the end

Album che contiene It's All Really Mad

album Fine For Now - The Vickers
Fine For Now 2011 - Rock, Pop, Indie Foolica Records, Halidon

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