THE WHEELS - Scarica e Ascolta e Testo Lyrics ANOTHER WORLD



Testo della canzone

Foggy storms and brilliant jokes
it's time to save my soul
wondering why you're still here...
Fancy food and fancy style
like a monkey with green eyes,
someone steals your plans
but there's no plan in your life.

If I could I'd seek another world,
I'd seek another universe
If I could I'd find another place for me.

Fairy dolls and gipsy tears
somebody in chains behind you,
wondering why you're still here…
What about your needs?
What about your emptiness?
It's a busy way to live
a busy way to be free.

Truth becomes deceit
while innocence turns to guilt
and I feel it straight in my veins...

Album che contiene ANOTHER WORLD

album Here and Nowhere - THE WHEELSHere and Nowhere
2013 - Rock, Britpop My Place Records
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