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Feelin so tired, refusing lights and coffees
For every smile I gave last night
For every silly thing I’ve told you
Hypnotized it’s my real real condition
It’s a shame to lose my honesty
Being wrong as a most peculiar way.

To live should be a paradise or something similar
It couldn’t cost any prize,
but in the meantime I’m breaking down
Telling myself
because I…
Why always me?
Let me stay alone, so silently.

Why it’s hard to wake up in the morning
With a hammer in your head and all that seems so sad,
Otherwise illusions are available
It’s nice to stay awake wishing for a world that does not exists.

Driving out and out my plans
A heavy load for my soul.
Switch off the lights, all the light
Could bother me

Album che contiene Real Real Condition

album Self Portrait THE WHEELS
Self Portrait 2014 - Britpop, Pop rock My Place Records

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