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Parte 1: The night of the dying minds

I’ve lost my own key
My brain connectivity

You need a recharge
It’s too late to let you down

Am I led by myself?
Are there other people here?

You should focus on you
It’s not easy to way out

I don’t think I’m free
I heard a noisy simphony

You need a restart
It’s hard to get out of here

I’m fading away
What is reality?

You should take control
There’s not time to take a break

Parte 2: Better safe than sorry

Actually I don’t know where I am.
I don’t know where I've been.
I don’t understand what is real and what is not.
I’m on the run but I don’t know from who or from what.
Those voices. Those damn voices. I can hear them.
The screams. I can feel them. There they are.
What is all this?
I seek shelter.
What’s happening?

Better safe than sorry.
Better safe than sorry.

Parte 3: Realize

The involution of species
Humanity against nature
Cain and Abel
We’re all brothers
Will we be forever bloodstained?
Is this oblivion that I wanted?
Is this oblivion that I wanted?
Is this oblivion that I wanted?

Parte 4: Raise up

The sunset is gone.
The dawn is born.

Time to wake up, again.
Time to raise up, again.

The moon is up.
The sun is dark.

Take off your shoes, again.
Take up the route again.


Voce Principale: Tommaso Zanardi Seconda Voce: Giuliano Fasoli Testo: Tommaso Zanardi


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La canzone Awake si trova nell'album Robokiller uscito nel 2020 per Cabezon Records, Artist First.

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