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02/05/2020 - 18:10 Scritto da Thing Mote Thing Mote 2


In 1879 there was a meeting of great minds

Michel Foucault
Edgar Allan Poe
Welles G. Orson

Talking about
An issue of great matter
The crowd was there
To hear the resolution

The conference was about “the medical danger of using the palm oil”

I don’t know there’s something in that lotion
I’m now in this fabulous location
I’m right here but I need something better

I like most the multicolor pixels
I can’t hear the noisy voice of grandma
I don’t care, this cat is more important

I’m not here to fight the global warming
I just want to take a pic of vultures
I don’t like the violence on the tigers
And you are

I’m scared by the fog they put in airplanes
I am sure that’s why my auntie’s dead now
So she was

I don’t like the tweets of politicians
I don’t get the language they are talking
If they will

Try to swim
Try to swim
Hold your books tight
And Try to swim
In this ocean made of numbers
Try to swim
Try to swim
Try to swim


Voce Principale: Tommaso Zanardi Seconda Voce: Giuliano Fasoli Testo: Giuliano Fasoli


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La canzone Hoax si trova nell'album Robokiller uscito nel 2020 per Cabezon Records, Artist First.

Copertina dell'album Robokiller, di Thing Mote

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