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Mrs. Hope, dressed in red, walks in the subway
Mr. Tom, dressed in blue, he's driving his car.

Mrs. Hope she takes the morning train
her lips are so beautiful
Mr. Tom still drives his car
he's watching the world, it's so beautiful

And They don't know that their lives will crash.

The lonely Cowboy with a Mercedes Benz
he wraps tightly his little dog in a tiny coat
The fat boy with his lollypop
has shit under his feet

And there's a man with a rose in his hand
that walks alone on the sidewalk.

Mrs. Hope she leaves her train and hits the road to her work
Mr. Tom he falls in love at first sight
when he sees her shiny eyes
And so he can't hit the brake on his heart
and also on his feet.


Mrs.Hope she opens her eyes
her head is still spinning
Mr.Tom finds a rose on the floor
and he gives it to her.

And the crowd is happy that she's still alive.


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La canzone Mrs.Hope si trova nell'album The True Story of a Seasick Sailor in the Deep Blue Sea uscito nel 2015 per Good Luck Factory.

Copertina dell'album The True Story of a Seasick Sailor in the Deep Blue Sea, di Thomas Guiducci

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