Descrizione a cura della band

We at Artrocker have fallen in love with Throw Down Bones since witnessing their blazing performance at last weekend’s Fuzz Club Festival. And now, not only do we have access to the duo’s self-titled debut album – 8 tracks of thirst-quenching, experimental electronica – but we have also been given the green light to stream this beautiful thing to you lucky lot. Already, according to iTunes, it is the Fuzz Club label’s most played album of 2015. So get yourselves stuck in, right here on Artrocker..

Due for release December 1st, the self titled album is preceded by singles “Saturator” and “Exposure”, which dance between minimal rhythms and industrial soundscapes, shadowed by repeating riffs and persistent beats that got the crowds dancing a frenzy not only last weekend at the Fuzz Club bash, but also at Liverpool Psych Fest earlier this year.

It is an experimental masterpiece, created somewhere in the Alps following weeklong jam sessions where the band harvested sounds, riffs and effects from which to build the final tracks.

Their mix of club-ready beats and live guitars make Throw Down Bones a great act to watch as they blend the infectiousness of dance music with the raw energy of live rock n roll. Truly wonderful.


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