American Gothic

American Gothic


2018 - Lo-Fi, Noise, Ambient


When Jack found the invite to his father's birthday party in the mail, he knew all the years in therapy were going down the drainpipe with his last whiskey.
The memory of the old Louisiana's manor painfully twirled his guts.
Unable to sleep for days, he chose to drive by night, eventually stopping in a Motel along the way but, his choices were more night bars than bedrooms.
When he finally parked the car in front of the house, he had no idea how he reached it. A cold sweat drooled down the back of his neck.
He saw them all, chattering and laughing near a buffet in the private park.
When he felt the acid coming up his esophagus, instinctively forced it back with a long sip from the bottle that he had in the glove box then, open the car door and rose out the driver seat. He heard the sound of the car door locking and, his vision blurred to pitch black......


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