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Long dark hair, long legs and lean
this is all you see in her
the way you look is killing me
it's hard for me to be with a man
it's not healthy loving you
cause this is slowly killing me
and I want to kill you too, yes I’d love to kill you too

Tomorrow is another day
but it will be the same, always
cause I can’t change my way of thinking

It’s crazy and I’m crazy
and I know you should call the doctor
you should tell him about our last breakfast in hell
or maybe I should be more relaxed

We don’t talk too much
but when I look into your eyes
everything fits, is it right?
cause you’re my glowing neon light
and I keep you by my side

But last night something changed
and you turned yourself off
I’m afraid of the dark and I hate misunderstandings
I feel so lonely cause nobody can really listen to me

And everything I’ve heard led me to negative conclusions

Cause I thought my daddy needed a new girl
cause every man needs a new girl
I know daddy needs a new girl too
but you don’t need nobody but me
and I know that you’re a man
so you're no different from the others

You’ll go out with your friends in the band
and you’ll get drunk to the bars
you’ll see girls and you’ll kiss them
but they’re not me
you never call me back
you and I should live alone
cause we were born to be that way
and I’ll be sad and I’ll get drunk too

cause I heard my daddy needed a new girl
and mom still need him, and i still need you
but every man needs a new girl
I can’t stand you needing anybody but me

cause I need my daddy
and I need you too
but every man needs a new girl
so I have to say goodbye to you


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La canzone Nobody But Me si trova nell'album Forget-me-not uscito nel 2015 per We Were Never Being Boring .

Copertina dell'album Forget-me-not, di Tight Eye

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