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With your funny face and your tasty hair
I like the melody that comes out from your hands when you hold mine
even if you’re not here I remember all your fears

Like this melody I refuse to grow up
and in the space you will never let me glow alone
sometimes it seems you’re so tiny but you never fall apart

Let me come into you
I will perfectly do
I will fit very well I know
even if you’re too tall to kiss your eyes’ globes

Blowing smoke in my face
is what you love to do after all our races
why don’t you come back to me?
I can disclose all my dreams
the thought of you lying down next to me
you make me wonder if it’s right to live here
I’ll cover my body with your long hair if I’m cold
I’ll cut your hair when you won’t see me anymore

Let me hook into your breast
I promise that I’ll be fast
let me float into your blue
I will unearth your ocean floor, I won’t snooze

You’re the guy from mars
cause the astronauts say they found some water in your eyes
and I’ve lost my spaceship deep inside them
I’m the girl from the orbiter from the sea and from the moon
I can’t hide it


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La canzone Orbiter si trova nell'album Forget-me-not uscito nel 2015 per We Were Never Being Boring .

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