Tijuana Horror Club - Pumpkins testo lyric


The house was a-rockin
and rollin so loud
when it comes a drunk man
and that's what he say loud

"Well I was a-walkin
right down in town
and everywhere pumpkins
and bodies on the ground
everywhere is risin' outta hell
the lord is gone,
so pray to someone else

I saw dead people walking
with ladies around
a dog always barking
at the moon behind the clouds
few witches dancin'
and some crazy clowns
and everywhere pumpkins
and ghosts flyin' all around
A dwarf was askin
for a candy or something else
I took my knife, and stubbed him in the head
and everybody was like "oh my god"

Everywhere is risin' outta hell
the lord is gone,
he's drinkin' somewhere else"

The drunk man was so tired
so he take a seat
while down in the corner
a snitch call the pigs
they come with a lawyer
and took the drunk out
it was an halloween murder
he will forget about


Premi play per ascoltare il brano Pumpkins di Tijuana Horror Club:


Joey Gaibina (vocals, guitars),
Alberto Ferrari (piano, vocals),
Mario agnelli (drums),
Cek Franceschetti (bass),
Ronnie Amighetti (vocals).
Music by Alberto Ferrari, lyrics by Joey Gaibina


La canzone Pumpkins si trova nell'album The Big Swindle uscito nel 2018.

Copertina dell'album The Big Swindle, di Tijuana Horror Club

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