The Big Swindle

The Big Swindle

Tijuana Horror Club

2019 - Rock'n'roll, Punk, Swing


Joey Gaibina - vocals and guitars
Alberto Ferrari - piano and vocals
Mario Agnelli - drums and vocals
Davide Rudelli - bass

Special guests
Andy MacFarlane (vocals and guitars on "The Devil, The Reaper & The Saloon-Keeper")
Cek Franceschetti (vocals and national guitar on "The Devil's Blues", bass on "The Hemp Fandango", "Pumpkins", "New Year's Eve")
Andrea Bresciani (doublebass on "Canton Mombello Swing", "The Devil, The Reaper & The Saloon-Keeper")
Cico Venturini (trumpet on "Canton Mombello Swing")
Gigio Rizzo (accordion on "Tarantella Anti-Siae")
Ronnie Amighetti (additional vocals)

Produced by Ronnie Amighetti & Tijuana Horror Club with the help of Cek Franceschetti.
Recorded and Mixed by Ronnie Amighetti at "Le Klubhaus, Members Only Club" and "Alby Road Studios", december 2018.
Mastered by Daniele Salodini at “Woodpecker Mastering


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