Tijuana Horror Club - Same Ol' Story testo lyric


Now let me tell you about a girl I know
She was my little lover
I really really loved her but I lost her
And it hurts me so
Last night I’ve heard my ol’ friend say
He saw her just the other day

And I cried my baby and I cried
When you said me goodbye
Since you came back to town
Something’s going around

Little lover, My lonely little lover
Since you’ve been gone I went into the dark
Now I’m wondering, yes I’m wondering
And I try to see at the end of the dark
And I went through the dark of the night
But now I see, yes, I see the sun rise
And I found you my little bottle of wine
The sun will start to shine


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ALBERTO FERRARI (vocals, piano),
JOEY GAIBINA (guitars, backing vocals),
Music & lyrics by Alberto Ferrari.


La canzone Same Ol' Story si trova nell'album The Big Swindle uscito nel 2018.

Copertina dell'album The Big Swindle, di Tijuana Horror Club

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