Tijuana Horror Club - The Devil's Blues testo lyric


I grabbed my coat
my hat and gloves
this winter rain
get in my bones
I rode my bike
to the crossroad
to see if this time
the devil'll come
but there's no devil
and the wind starts to blow

I tell you boy
I heard you play the blues
and for your soul
I'll teach you how to do
amazing things
blues tricks and swingin' chords
but I'm the devil
and this town is too cold

I heard about
a deal you've done
with a few men
who sold their soul
so I beg you
in the midnight hour
teach me how to play
those songs of sour
and let me sing
in a robert johnson mood

I'm sorry boy
but I won't come to you
the hell is hot
and I'm a chilly dude
you'll learn somehow
but I won't take your soul
'cause I'm the devil
but this town is too cold

I'd ask the lord
but he can't help
we always liked
much different bands
no matter what
you'll gonna do
I'll give my soul
to good old blues
I'm gonna sing
and play, that's what I'll do

I tell you boy
that's what we're gonna do
head down to south
where trees are yet in bloom
I'll meet you there
and we could have a talk
'cause nothing good
come from a town so cold

so here we are
singin the devil's blues
maybe we met him
maybe you'll meet him too


CEK FRANCESCHETTI (vocals, national guitar)
JOEY GAIBINA (vocals, guitars)
ALBERTO FERRARI (piano, backing vocals)
Written by Joey Gaibina


La canzone The Devil's Blues si trova nell'album The Big Swindle uscito nel 2018.

Copertina dell'album The Big Swindle, di Tijuana Horror Club

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