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KOKORO is the third Maurizio “ErMan” Mansueti album as Timeless Sonic Factory, a project dedicated to contemporary Theremin music.
The entire album is a tribute to RYUICHI SAKAMOTO and his wonderful music.

Why KOKORO? In Japanese, KOKORO (こころ) means “heart” in its deepest significance. It Is the spirit and essence of the individual. KOKORO was also a well known novel written by Natsume Sōseki (often considered the greatest writer in modern Japanese history). As in that novel, KOKORO means "the heart of things" or "feeling". In the same way, we can consider Ryuichi Sakamoto’s music.
About the album. Recent versions of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s music for solo piano can be certainly recognized as an influence.
ErMan has translated the soft touch of the melodies for piano by Sakamoto into melodies for Theremin, through "decomposition", "reconstruction" and “adaptation” while respecting the essence and intimacy of the original compositions.
ErMan draws suggestive musical paintings with his Theremin to explore exoticism in music with a contemporary approach.

KOKORO is a warm interpretation with few instruments, to creating magic with just a handful of delicately placed notes from the Theremin. The Theremin was recorded as a “live in studio” without any effects or treatment of the sound.
In some tracks, an additional Theremin voice was added to play bass lines or to represent a natural chorus. KOKORO is certainly the first Theremin album ever recorded and dedicated to the art of RYUICHI SAKAMOTO.
As ErMan says, “the Theremin represents the voice of the soul”. KOKORO wants to be a dedication played with a mental intimacy, an amplification of the extraordinarily suggestive Sakamoto’s compositions.

Available on eshops and in BandCamp here:
In BandCamp also produced as "numbered" limited edition vinyl CD for collectors!


Timeless Sonic Factory is born at the Transistors lab, the atelier of the ideas of ErMan and his memorable band The Transistors. Unusual musical instruments and toys are combined with technology, creating new music experiments.

[Etherwave® Pro Theremin (Moog Music)]
Professional Theremin of the Etherwave series by Moog Music. The invisible waves of this instrument bring the artist and the spectator together on a level of perception that seems impalpable but tangible.

[Theremin - Voicematic 3 (Subscope)] made in Germany by Subscope. It is a new generation Theremin for collectors. Its sound remembers the voice of the Theremin played by Clara Rockmore.

[Virtual instruments (laptop music)]
The ideal type of music instruments for modern artists.
Complete electronic instrumentation in a box that travels with the musician/producer. The perfect instrument for sound designers.

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