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Beyond our dreams

Together a circle of light
No one is alone
We seek in each other the mystery
The way to come home

And the mind doesn’t know
From the heart what will flow
And draws a curtain that covers the truth
Of what life itself knows
We can’t live without love

With you by my side on a journey
No beginning or end
Open gently the door to a world
To a new world my friend

Let the winds take us there
Beyond our dreams to somewhere
And between dawn and night an encounter
An encounter that knows
We can’t live without love

A flower that blossoms in winter
In the garden of fate
It brings us good fortune, a gift
Is it ours to create?

There’s no concept or creed
Is it real or belief?
It’s the secret that lights up with wonder
The miracle that shows
We can’t live without love

It’s by chance or by fate
Now this time that we share
It’s our chance to delight in our fate
And it leads us to know
We can’t live without love

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album Lungo questa strada/The road we wander tiziano giagnoni
Lungo questa strada/The road we wander 2015 - Cantautoriale, Folk, Country

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