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This timeless time

You’re here with me right now, with no tomorrow
But I’d like to wake each morning, you by my side
I know the winds of time will blow, and I can’t change it
Let go and fall into the mystery
Open wide my arms to greet the mystery
‘Cos I’ll be with you

Thought I could change the world, I was mistaken
Because no one can do more than he can
You can call it fate or chance, or any name you want to
But this is the only life I have
And every road I travel on
I’ll be with you

I’ll be with you

There have been other days, so sad and lonely
The tears I cried, they led me to the truth
But love, you know, it heals all pain and sorrows
It whispers to me that there is no more time
Only this timeless time,
The time I’ll be with you

This time with you
I’ll be with you

This time with you
I’ll be with you

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album Lungo questa strada/The road we wander tiziano giagnoni
Lungo questa strada/The road we wander 2015 - Cantautoriale, Folk, Country

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