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Testo della canzone

Walking in the silence

Walking in the silence
Of too many nights alone
I just can’t keep on waiting for
Your footsteps that won’t come
I tried so hard to keep you
From leaving me that night
Now I’m walking
In the shadow you left behind

Running from the silence
The noise cries in my head
I hear all that I’m missing
And what’s no longer there
Till I stand before
Those howling wolves
And lay my wishes down
And surrender
To the calm they left behind

Left behind, left behind
All the sorrows and the pain
Left behind, left behind
The losing and the gains
With the pieces of my broken dreams
A light shines in my mind
Now I’m singing in the silence left behind

Waking in the quiet
Of a new day greeting me
No turning to the times gone by
Or longing for what’s been
I’m just watching as the tides are changing
Moving on and on
I’ve found in me the love you left behind
I’ve found in me the love you left behind
'Cos I’ve found in me the love you left behind

Album che contiene Walking in the silence

album Lungo questa strada/The road we wander - tiziano giagnoniLungo questa strada/The road we wander
2015 - Folk, Country, Cantautore
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