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I say welcome to this magical world
To a new way of life
Where old habits fall away with a smile
And many wrongs become right
I’ll take you by the hand, walk along with me
Play a while with me

Dreams and lights, a parade of balloons
Celebration for you
A kaleidoscope of stars in the sky
And your eyes shining blue

Welcome to this house
Stay a little while
We can laugh together
Life is a game, you know
Life is a game
When I’m here with you

Outside there is a grey world
Of politicians and false gods
They call it civilization, progress and growth
But so many children dance and sing
Because they still understand
That this life is only a game
And they don’t ask us why
Let’s play this game, you and I

The sun will shine again in the sky
After the rain
And the days go by slowly and surely
What is time after all?
I’ll give you a flower, it’s a start
For this journey, this endless journey
For this life, this wonderful life
This game of life with you
This game of life with you
This life with you
Wonderful life with you

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album Lungo questa strada/The road we wander tiziano giagnoni
Lungo questa strada/The road we wander 2015 - Cantautoriale, Folk, Country

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